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Bulletin 2023-11-29

Christmas Potluck Party December 2, 7 pm to 10 pm

Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre, 300 Pères-Blancs Avenue, Room: VCC Acceuil Hall (at the back, up the stairs)

November On-Line Auction

In the November newsletter are some details about the upcoming on-line auction Nov. 26 - Dec. 2, 2023.

This auction has slabs, cabochons, mineral specimens and jewellery among other things from donations to the club and creations by club members.
Each club member can put up to ten items in the auction – five open bids and five “buy it now” bids.
Electronic submissions (item descriptions and photos) must be e-mailed to Vice-President Matthew Poirier at "vicepres@olmc.ca".
Purchased items can be picked up at 101 Promenade Avenue, Nepean, Ontario. If you want your items shipped, then send the club $20 first, plus all of the details of the shipment.

Under club rules for auction consignments, the club member sets the minimum bid and keeps 80% of the proceeds. There will be a maximum of 10 lots/club member (5 bid + 5 buy). You can bunch items together to form one lot. They must be delivered to a designated address (sent to club members by e-mail), and will be stored in a secure area.
For more information, contact auctions@olmc.ca.

Workshop Remains Closed

The executive committee has begun a search for a new studio, probably mid-to-late 2024. Suggestions are welcome.

History of the Club

The Ottawa Lapsmith Club was founded as a small interest group in 1966. The club incorporated in 1997 and amalgamated with the Ottawa Valley Mineral Association to form the Ottawa Lapsmith & Mineral Club, thus expanding its field of interest to minerology as well as the many facets of lapidary work. Our club also organises an Annual Gem & Mineral Show in September each year, and it is always a big hit with local residents and rockhounds alike. New members are welcome to join at anytime. Any questions? Feel free to contact us with your questions and we will do our best to answer to your fullest satisfaction.

About the Club

Normally, our club maintains a well-equipped workshop in Ottawa. The workshop is used for meetings, courses, and as a place where members can work independently during supervised workshop hours. The machinery available includes saws, flat laps, silicon carbide and diamond wheel grinders, faceting machines, silversmith tools and tumblers. A small Newsletter is free to members. From time to time, there are demonstrations, field trips and other special activities. Collectively, our members have a wealth of talent and knowledge, which they are always willing to share with beginners and advanced users alike. Club members 14 years old or older can use machines. It is recommended that new members take the club course on cabochon making and safety from one of two official instructors, or demonstrate expertise from an equivalent course of study. Meetings are held in the workshop. We welcome everyone with an interest in mineralogy, jewellery or gemstones.